If you find yourself unhappy with how your bedroom or mastersuite looks or you feel your bed could use a pop of color, then a breadspread can be the solution to your problem. Although a bedspread may just sit atop your bed, the right bedspread can be a visual delight and create a focal point to your bedroom. Better Trends offers a carefully curated selection of bedspreads online in designs and colors that are remarkable in their uniqueness and contemporary flair. Whether you like the traditional look with those classic chenille textures or the modern, bold look with solid colors, our extensive selection of bedspread sets will meet all your expectations. Look for the one that matches your color scheme and instantly change the look of your bedroom!


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  1. Ashton Bedspread and Sham
    Ashton Bedspread and Sham
  2. Florence Bedspread and Sham
    Florence Bedspread and Sham
  3. Natick Bedspread and Sham
    Natick Bedspread and Sham
  4. Rio Bedspread and Sham
    Rio Bedspread and Sham
  5. Trevor Bedspread with Sham
    Trevor Bedspread with Sham
  6. Star Bedspread with Sham
    Star Bedspread with Sham
  7. Julian Bedspread and Sham
    Julian Bedspread and Sham
  8. Double Wedding Ring
    Double Wedding Ring
  9. Sophia Bedspread and Sham
    Sophia Bedspread and Sham
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