Girffie Collection Bath Rug 2 Piece Set

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These Griffie Bath rugs are a one-stop solution for Bathroom mat needs. The best thing about this rug is that they are very soft to the feet and offer a warm platform to step on after enjoying a hot shower. It also saves you from the mess on the bathroom floor by absorbing the water as well as moisture from the bathroom. As this rug comes with a layer of anti-skid TPR layer, there are no chances of slip and fall which are common in case you step on a file floor with wet feet. So, installing this rug offers an added benefit. This is also easy to clean, thus no additional efforts are required for cleaning then.


  • The bath rugs are extremely cozy and soft providing a luxurious touch to your feet with its tufted weaving
  • Say goodbye to odor due to moisture as the rug absorbs maximum moisture around them.
  • The multicolor design enhances the overall look of the bathroom
  • The anti-skid technology with the TPR layer prevents slipping because of moisture.
  • This Bath Rug can easily be cleaned in a regular washing machine under minimal settings.
  • Product Dimensions
    • Size: 17" x 24" | 20" x 20"
    • Size: 17" x 24" | 20" x 32"
    • Size: 17" x 24" | 17" x 24"
    • Size: 17" x 24" | 24" x 36"
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