Marrakesh Collection Bath Rug 3 Piece Set

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Use these Marrakesh Stripe Bathroom Rugs to make the most of your flooring and feet drying. Their pure microfiber built is powerful enough to absorb almost any amount of moisture without getting soaked. The striped bath rugs for bathroom get instantly dry and ready for next use. Moreover, their build and weave patterns provide them with the utmost grip and make sure no amount of weight or motion gets slipped over. The weave and the material ensure maximum comfort for the feet and provide a calming sense of warmth at every touch. Despite such extensive use, this Machine Washable and Water Absorbent Shower Mat stays as it is for a long time. No cleaning agent is necessary and they even tend to improve their appearance with every use.


  • These Ultra Soft Luxury Bathroom Rugs are made up of anti-slip micro-weave technology.
  • The soft plush texture makes them extremely comfortable and compatible with the feet.
  • It also contains microfiber bristles that help keep the feet clean and also function for additional grip.
  • They are perfectly usable with bedrooms, Bathrooms, and other such places
  • Made of 100% Polyester which makes it a perfect combination of safety, comfort, and looks.
  • These Bath Rugs can be easily cleaned without any additional manual effort. All it requires is normal water and gentle wash in the machine.
  • The yarn will also not lose color with every wash and instead, the rugs will become even softer to provide more comfort with every wash.
  • Product Dimensions
    • Size: 20" x 20" | 21" x 34" | 20" x 60"
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