Pegasus Collection Bath Rug 3 Piece Set

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These Pegasus Bath rugs are a one-stop solution for Bathroom mat needs. The chevron bathroom mat comes with a superior anti-skid build that prevents all sorts of slipping and related accidents that are common in bathing and basin areas. Their microfiber weave has an excellent level of absorbency and an even faster level of drying, making them usable repetitively without saturation. Pegasus Bath rugs are extremely soft and will provide a relaxing and warm effect every time the user steps on them, this will be a great help during the colder seasons. These reversible bath rugs for bathroom have amazing racetrack patterns which complement the bedroom and bathroom and even other scenes in a home well with the sophisticated themes.


  • These Pegasus Bath Rugs are having the best Microfiber and anti-slipping design.
  • They are a great option to get a soft and comfy feeling under the feet after every bath.
  • These chevron bath rugs are flexible in terms of placement in bedrooms and bathrooms because of their complementing designs.
  • They have a great level of absorbency, are extra soft, and feature quick-drying making them ready for repetitive use.
  • These rugs are Machine Washable and Water Absorbent Shower Mat and no separate manual effort is required.
  • Product Dimensions
    • Size: 20" x 20" | 21" x 34" | 20" x 60"
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